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:: Monday, February 09, 2004 ::

Im Back


Im back from BC and it feels good to get some of that Alberta air. I can't say that i didnt like staring at the Rocky Mountains, but I missed Chikka so BAD!!!!

I practised for a good hour today, played about half the songs I know.

I also finally finished making the Pylons Floor Hockey Team on my nhl 2004. Some people look so much like the real thing its scary. So far in the real floor hockey we are 1-2, but the next game is a guaranteed win. And I don't have to work until THURSDAY!! Oh baby that feels good, and I like my job anyway so WOOOOOOO!

Had Papa Johns Pizza for dinner, then went over to Matts and hung out with him and Melissa. Watched some Fear Factor and My Obnoxious Fat Fiance. Both good shows.

Might be a bravado practise tomorrow (OH PLEASE!!!!!!!!!), can only hope.

I gonna go get some food.

Email me.

:: hawk 10:26 PM [+] ::
:: Thursday, February 05, 2004 ::
6 More DAYS of Freedom


I know that no one ever reads this anymore but oh well.

Just thought I would post to keep the site alive.

Saw Billy Talent,
Saw the Rumours, fell in lust with their bass player.........so hot, Melissa Starr!!!!

Also got a raise up to 12 bucks an hour!

So yeah life is awesome, except I have to go to Emerald Lake tomorrow for 3 days.

Sharks also won tonight 5-0!

So now all of you go out and buy the cd The Mighty Can Fall at Futureshop!

:: hawk 11:55 PM [+] ::

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